Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes

Can we see the crowd around us
souls hungering for solid food,
weary of searching for Truth,
in blind alleys and byways, thirsting
for Living Water; fainting,
perishing by the way before they find it?

What does it mean to you and me
if they perish? Do we have enough
to share with five thousand hungry souls?
Enough soul winners, enough preachers,
enough time, enough zeal?
Or do we have among us a scant
five loaves and two tiny fish?

And what does the Lord require of us –
what can we do for five thousand seekers –
if we’re not a soul-winner, a preacher,
if we don’t have a faith that moves mountains;
if we have little enough time, little enough zeal,
to make it through our own day?

We say, “I have just enough for myself,
for my family, my own congregation.
I have five itsy-bitsy loaves
and two peewee fish,
but they’re mine. No use me giving them,
then being hungry myself. And anyway
how can they do any good among so many?”

But the Lord says, “All I need
is what you have in your hand:
YOUR five loaves and YOUR two fish
and someone with a little faith
in a great big ME.
It’s your call. But be warned:
if you consume them on yourself,
you’ll never know the taste of my blessing.”

By Christine Goodnough
(This is another writing I dug out of my decades-old stash of musings and reworked.)


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