Changing Times, Changeless God

Antiquarian Anabaptist

Do we long for the good old days when life was simpler?  Was there really such a time?

One of my forefathers left England 375 years ago because the law required him to attend his local parish church, where he found no spiritual sustenance.  He crossed the ocean to begin a new life in the unsettled wilds of what is now Massachusetts.

Another was born to a well-established family in France — just before the Revolution.  He later served as a swordsman in Napoleon’s army, lost his wife somewhere along the way, then brought his young family to upstate New York 185 years ago.  My mother’s grandparents left Ukraine 140 years ago to settle in Manitoba.

They lived through wars, revolutions, recessions, depressions, droughts, famines, extreme heat, extreme cold, insect plagues and epidemics of influenza, diphtheria, tuberculosis and polio.  There were countless heartaches as young mothers died in childbirth and…

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