I Fear My Blog Has ADD

I’ve discovered my blog needs keywords.

Every now and then someone reminds me that I’m doing this blog all wrong. I read it in a book recently and again online: when starting a blog we should pick a subject we’re passionate about and blog about that. Choose, and use, keywords. Like mental health, cats, food.

My second blog, Swallow in the Wind, is pretty focused, being built around poetry and humorous anecdotes.  Keywords might be birds, weather, seasons, poems. My third blog, christinegoodnough.wordpress.com, is extremely focused: a weekly devotional for women.

But I’ve considered all the subjects this blog deals with. I’m enthused about, and write about, my home and family, my garden, our three cats, the Bible and Christian faith. It’s like a journal where I share musings, memories, opinions, angst. At times I deal with the subject of writing in general or my writing; poetry; history.

In other words, my posts bounce all over the place. The search engines, if they ever did notice my scribblings, have likely given up in despair. Do you others feed these things?

My family suggests from time to time that I might have ADD so maybe my blog does, too. What do you think? That gives me some direction: I could call this my alphabet soup blog. And finally I have keywords! Recipes: soup: alphabet. Or Mental health: deficiency, disorder. Now I just have to mention those somewhere in the text of every post I write.

Speaking of recipes, one day I did a Google Keyword search for food: cookies. Here are some numbers of searches people have done:

easy cookie recipes……………………. 135,000
chocolate chip cookies recipe……… 368,000
chocolate cookie recipes…………….. 450,000
oatmeal cookie recipe………………… 181,000
butter cookie recipe…………………… 135,000
Italian cookie recipes………………….  12,100
dog cookie recipes……………………… 27,100
pumpkin cookie recipe……………….. 18,100
peanut butter cookie recipe ………… 90,500

As I interpret this statistics, I see there are more pumpkins than Italians, and more dogs than either. Oatmeal is more desired than peanut butter in a cookie; chocolate or chocolate chip cookies are universally treasured. Not many want to bake cookies the easy way.

Now if some heartless researcher turns up a link between chocolate (especially as it appears in chip cookies) and ADD, we’re all sunk.


One thought on “I Fear My Blog Has ADD

  1. Welcome to my world speaking of world I have never been to Japan it is on the other side of the world. Of course I have never been to Canada and it is on this side of the world. I never watched the world cup but I love to drink a large cup of dark roast coffee. I like expresso even more and try to drink it on Fridays. If I take fridays off of work it only makes going to work on Monday a lot more trying. I think I might try a new look for my blog but I can’t find one I like. Speaking of likes I love your blog it holds what little attention. Oh no I have pork chops cooking they need my Attention! God Bless, James


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