Writers Block or Just Spring?

Subscribing to various writing web sites like I do, I’ve read much about writer’s block. I’ve always figured that writer’s block is when you don’t know what to write, and I don’t have that affliction. I have so many of things I’d love to write about – I just don’t sit down and get started. Would you call that writer’s block or writer’s lethargy or writer’s too busy?

Or is it that age-old affliction, spring fever? Now that I think back, I can remember those last three months of the school year when I was hopeless at sitting down and sticking with my assignments. (My sympathies go out to teachers everywhere at this time of year.)

Can it really be four days since I last posted? No, I’m not lying in bed suffering, though Monday wasn’t the greatest day. I woke up with a backache and a tooth ache. Joint pain is one symptom of leukemia, but also of arthritis and my doctor tells me my joints have plenty of that. Thankfully these pains are quite manageable.

Monday morning we discovered there’s a ‘beaver leaver’ on the loose. My neighbor phoned at 8:30 am to tell me there’s a beaver sitting beside the slough between us and the highway. Someone must have left it there; I should go see it. She’d already been, had even talked to it, but it seemed so lost and bewildered it just rubbed its face with its paw and didn’t move.

So Bob and I jumped into the car and went to have a look. Sure enough, an adult beaver was nosing around on the grassy slope between the road and the slough. When we stopped the car and talked to it, the creature just looked at us; it really did seemed drugged.

My guess is someone who didn’t want it on his pond shot it with a tranquillizer or fed it something to knock it out, then dumped it here. The beaver sat in the grass beside the slough all morning but never went in the water.  But this slough will dry up in a month and then what would it do? Plus there are only a few shrubby willows nearby. So I called the Wildlife Federation and they were going to come and get the animal in the evening; we should just monitor it until then.

By afternoon the animal woke up enough to get in the water. By mid-afternoon it was behaving much like a beaver would and dived when Bob came to check on it. In the evening I drove the grandchildren over and we watched it swimming and diving. The water’s shallow and it stayed right in the ditch – the deepest part – so it was easy to see.

It’s gone now. Maybe it didn’t like being a celebrity and decided to head for home? Or the river– a 15 mile trip if he knows his directions.

Tuesday I cooked at the Villa and thankfully felt quite well all day. Yesterday I went to a friend’s greenhouse and bought bedding plants; in the afternoon I filled a couple of planters. A kind friend had ordered a tub of flowers as my birthday present, so I collected that as well. (Thank you, Sandra!)

Later I did some digging in one corner of my garden (Operation rescue: search & destroy quack grass roots) and set out four tomato plants. Little by little I intend to reclaim my old perennial patch from the quack grass that invaded last summer. I’m working on my front flower bed today and unearthed three bemused toads in the process.

Yesterday morning I looked out and saw three golden eagles soaring over the field south and a bit west of our trailer. Beautiful sight! They were closer to the slough so my thoughts went to the beaver, but I didn’t see the birds landing like they would if they’d found some carrion. (I think eagles eat carrion.) We rarely see them; it was a wonderful treat.

Makes me think of those inspiring words of Isaiah 40:31:
“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

We have four pair of swallows nesting around our little property and the wrens recently reclaimed their house on the clothesline pole. All day long we hear the songs of wrens, orioles, robins. Brown thrashers, pine siskins, and goldfinches frequent the feeder outside our dining room window. Could we just stop time for a month now? (Oh, but the poor students and teachers! School doesn’t end up here until the last week in June.)

In my discussions with Friesen Press the question of graphics for my book has surfaced. I chose two photos from Shutterstock for my front and back cover, but I can also insert ten graphics (pictures or illustrations, B&W or color) for free and they’ll insert more for $5 each. So I contacted a genuine artist and she wants $25 apiece for drawing even fairly simple pictures. I can’t blame her; it does take time.  But…

So I’ve changed hats; these days I’m doing a few illustrations for my book. And it DOES take time – which I have more of than money. I don’t know what my readers will think, but my grandchildren love my pictures. ☺


3 thoughts on “Writers Block or Just Spring?

  1. Lovely post Christine. I am happy for you that you are feeling good, as you have been on my mind since reading your post on the leukemia. I have remembered you in my prayers. Renee 🙂


    • I’m happy, too, that I have enough energy to work outside. Nothing has changed in a way; I didn’t get a lot worse for knowing, though I think it did give me quite a knock. Before I thought I just needed to push myself harder and get back into shape; now I pace myself. This is truly a time when “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” — and the arthritis has even more to say about it. 🙂
      Thanks for your prayers.


      • You so welcome Christine. It is always nice to know what is wrong with our bodies, although at times the answer can shake us to the core. I pray you will be able to continue enjoying what brings you peace and happiness. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂 Renee


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