A Love That Follows

Back in the 1973 Friendship Book of Francis Gay I found a little story that’s worth retelling for Father’s Day.

Apparently a teenage girl, in a fit of “Nobody here understands me!’ frustration, stormed out the door, telling Mom and Dad she wouldn’t be back.  She hadn’t gotten far, however, before she realized that she hadn’t even thought to take her purse but she was too stubborn to go back on her word.

So she kept walking.  All afternoon she walked down the city streets with no idea of where she should be going.  By and by her temper calmed down and her outburst started to look pretty dumb.  Finally, exhausted and famished, she ducked into a small coffee shop and ordered a hot chocolate, knowing she’d just have to tell the manager she hadn’t a penny and take the consequences. Maybe they’d put her to work to pay for it.

When the waitress came with the drink she started to explain, when someone slid into the booth beside her – her father.  “Why don’t you order yourself a sandwich, too?” he said kindly.  “I’ll pay.”

That’s all it took.  She was willing at last to admit how foolish she’d been and go home again, where she knew she was truly loved.  Hadn’t her father just proved it?

It’s pretty hard to run away from a love that follows so persistently.

Reblogged from Swallow in the Wind.


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