Rain storm passes

Dark cloud waves grumble
showers wash dust from tree leaves
robin inspects lawn

Nature notes: the view from my window:
Brown thrashers are as apt to be inspecting our lawn these days, partly because I’ve been sprinkling deluxe birdseed onto a bald patch on the lawn. They devour nuts and sunflower seeds.

There’s a certain daddy robin that’s been spoiling my scenery these past few weeks. He’s made his nest in the woods just east of our trailer and is busily feeding the tikes. But he wants to be sure no predators find his family, so he sits on top of our bird feeder pole — just  outside our dining room window at our eye level — and scouts the surrounding bushes before flying back to the nest with his “catch of the hour.”

No doubt on the lookout for the kestrels that nest in the woods. Or maybe he’s curious about us, too, or wary that we might follow him and find his tikes. Anyway, it seems every time I look out the window lately –and this is usually when I’m fixing dinner or eating it– there he is, beak full of writhing wormy things.

He chirps away as best he can with his mouth full, drops some wigglies in the process and picks them up again. Yuck! Once he’s verified the coast is clear, off he goes into the woods to stuff them down babies throats. Double yuck! As robins have done since this old world began.


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