River Running High

Flood water crest arrives
washing flotsam under the bridge,
bits and pieces that once formed
part of something — belonged
to someone. Scraps of memory
swirling off to the sea.

My husband and I drove down to Outlook yesterday evening to see how high the river is. While we here in SK were reading the news and seeing pictures of the flooding in Alberta — the city of Calgary in particular — those vigilant folks who mind the Gardiner Dam south of Outlook were opening the gates. They did this over a week ago, intending to lower the level of Lake Diefenbaker in preparation for the incoming flood crest so the lake could absorb a lot of that water and towns upstream wouldn’t be flooded.

Obviously the crest has arrived and the water is high the South Saskatchewan River. In any normal season a person can see wide stretches of sand bars near the bridge but these are all covered now. We’ve seen in the news where some houses in the river valley are surrounded by water, but they’d have been swept away completely without the controlling factor of the dam. If those folks weren’t doing their job the city of Saskatoon would have suffered damage as well.


2 thoughts on “River Running High

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve compiled a book of my poems and short stories and hope to get it to the printer by the end of July. It’s a challenge to know which poems to include, as I’ve done so many.
      The flood damage is in the Calgary area, 400 miles west of us. Thankfully the Gardiner Dam is effective in preventing local damage. Some of the men from our Church will be going to that area at the end of the week to help with the flood cleanup.


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