Success Defeated

No one hears robin
the thief – stealing
my precious berries –
boasting of his raid.

He proclaims his craftiness,
pink splotches like medals
dot his breast, but no one stops
to pay him due respect.

As consolation he stuffs himself.
Hours later I grumble
at the carnage. I call it
a crime — and declare war.


4 thoughts on “Success Defeated

  1. Well Well Christine, For three years now I have been trying to get a raspberry bush to produce fruit. This May it flowered and had many many little green berries. As the berries began to ripen my beloved Mocking Birds feasted upon them all. Not a single berry was left for me, if those birds could not sing such beautiful songs…… I would try a new delicacy of Mocking Bird Pie!
    Are thinking of trying a Robin stew? Love the poem it hits home, God Bless!


    • Robin stew? Oh, never! In fact I just gave our Pookie a good scolding this morning for getting up in a tree and snatching a baby robin from its nest. He’s not a year old yet and still enjoys playing with anything that moves. Grrr…
      But we get at least as many berries as the robins, so I’m not as desperate as you might be. Maybe I could set a stuffed toy cat in the strawberry patch now, like a mini scarecrow? You might try that, too; stick one on a pole.


      • You know I see hundreds of robins here in Florida in the winter. In the mornings there may be about that many in our yard feeding on bugs and such but I never seen them on the bird feeders. I really do enjoy the birds that visit and have made our yard their home. My dry humor could not help its self in coming out in response to your poem. I think next season I shall a scare-cat on the berry patch. May even rig it to move with a motion detecter, might work?


      • You’ll never see a robin at a bird feeder — at least I never have. They eat bugs and worms. If you see them at your feeder, your seed has become infested with creepy crawlies.
        Hope your scare-cat works. Get one with a battery, that twitches its tail. 🙂


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