A Package Deal for Writers

If you have your manuscript ready and you  don’t care to venture into the world of uploads, downloads, and cover design, there are some packages deals you may want to consider. Just be sure you write down exactly what you feel you need and ASK if you’re getting it in the package.

And there are definitely some to beware of. If in doubt check it out with predators and editors.com.  http://pred-ed.com/ There are some horror stories out there.

With publishing packages as well as other purchases, it’s wise to shop around. I went shopping one morning and compared basic self-publishing packages offered by two companies:

The Mass Market Essentials publishing package currently offered by Friesen Press for
E-Book $900; Poetry $900; Fiction $1000; Children’s book $1000; non-fiction $1150

This give you:
Custom layout (inside, front & back covers)
Image insertions : 5 ; Table insertions: 1
Footnotes & endnotes: 5 Layout complexities : 5
Free professional evaluation assesses strengths & weakness; suggests improvements.
One revision round (if you make changes you don’t have to pay for it)
ISBN, ten free paperback copies
Author’s book discount 55%
Online and wholesale book distribution (Listing in their online bookstore)
PDF e-Book distribution; Amazon.com Look Inside; Google Books See Inside.

Extra costs:
Buying graphics including cover graphics you may choose
Content editing 3.9¢ a word ($39 per thousand – so don’t be wordy)
Copy editing 2¢ a word ($20 “)
Line edit or proofreading 1.5¢ a word ($15 “ )
So a 50,000-word memoir would cost $3700 for editing if you went for all three.

Friesen’s has other options. A very basic one called the Niche Market Starter; the Mass Market Best Seller; the All-Inclusive. (This package includes the editing.)

CreateSpace has several packages to choose from as well. To me it appears their $978 Total Design Freedom Standard is about like Friesen’s Mass Market Essentials above.

Package includes:
Custom cover, interior layout (titles, fonts, etc.)
Graphics insertions (photos): 10 free; charts, tables, graphs $25 each
no evaluation; one revision round
ISBN; no mention of free copies
They don’t say anything about e-book sales, but this would include a listing on Kindle

Extra costs:
Same, with prices according to editors you choose
extended distribution package (if you want your books sold in Canada)
**Canadians must present a valid passport and one other piece of ID and apply for a US tax identification number in order to collect all their royalties from CreateSpace.

Further Comparison:

Joel D Canfield offers his package deal as well as individual coaching lessons to help writers get their book out there. He tells me his publishing package includes:
* developmental editing which includes my editorial opinion with recommendations
line editing
* custom layout
* no limit on images, tables, or other things commonly referred to as “content”
* infinite revisions
* free ISBN from all the services, or we’ll help you buy your own
* author’s discount: I don’t profit from selling you books; you buy direct from CreateSpace. (“Author’s discounts” are a way companies make a profit from you selling your own books. I find this common practice offensive. A paid publisher has NO RIGHT to an ongoing share of profit in books YOU SELL.)
* paperback on Amazon.com via CreateSpace; Kindle version on Amazon, ePub everywhere else via Smashwords (includes Nook, Kobo, iBooks, you name it)

I don’t do the “look inside” feature at Amazon, but would be glad to show any client how to do at no additional cost, or do it myself for a fair price.

Another thing: if you spend $1,000 on my coaching (I have packages from $250/month to $1,000/month) I’ll credit that toward the publishing, because I’ll do the developmental editing as part of the coaching. Thus I give 4 months of my simplest coaching package plus the publishing package (which doesn’t include anything you don’t want or need) for $3,000.

If you want something else, we’ll do that. My goal is to create a custom service that fills all your needs and fit within your budget. If you write up what you want, and what you want to spend, I’ll show you how I can deliver that.


Step carefully into the unknown. Write a great story, get sound counsel to guide you through unfamiliar territory, and go for it. Once you hold your own book in your hands, it will seem worth it all.

Be prepared to market your own book, though. No one else can do that for you — and nowadays no one else is going to, no matter what route you take.


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