State Secret: The Sky Is Falling!

This always happens! At different times I have decided to take a break from blogging, but then I read something or some issue comes up, that I must comment on. (Okay, want to.)

Over the past weeks I’ve read different posts about the US economic picture and it does sound grim. This morning’s post on Reality of Christ got me to thinking along this line again. If you’d like to read Lisa’s post you’ll find it at

Not being an American perhaps I should hush up, but our economies are so entwined. When the US economy takes a nose dive it’s often branch plants in Canada that usually feel it first in terms of layoffs and closures. Our province of Ontario has been suffering big time for this reason. Plus you’re our neighbors, hopefully friends, and a lot of family ties crisscross that border.

A few years back I read a book about the Depression, The Winter Years, by Winnipeg writer James Gray. This gave birth to a story, still in my mind so far, a children’s novel about a Winnipeg teacher’s family in 1935. Doing research for this, I delved into that era, and another book seed popped up. As I studied those times, a thought stuck me: maybe God looked down on the direction we were heading in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and decided our society needed a cleansing. Hence my chosen title: Washed by A Hot, Dry Wind.

The economic collapse of 1929 was largely man-made: the stock market reached a pinnacle and came sliding down the other side, because greed is not self-sustaining. To some extent the drought was man-made, too – the result of poor farming practises when the midwest was homesteaded. But rain falls from heaven and it appears God shut off the taps. (Today it almost seems He’s turning them on full-blast here and there and drenching some of us!)

I see a lot of economic similarities between the ‘20s and the ‘90s. And now again people are saying, either gloomily or matter-of-factly, or squawking like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling on our heads!” Accusations are flying thick and fast about the US government concealing the grim economic picture from the people.

The US govt has probably been trying to forestall a major panic that will exacerbate the problem. And who knows –maybe President Obama and his fussing at Syria has been a smokescreen all along? If you don’t give the Press BIG news to write about they start digging around for national news – like the state of the economy. So maybe he’s more calculating than some folks have been suggesting?

Consider for a moment: what if God is going to drain the economy – that which we put so much faith in – to wash our world of its impurities? Or maybe He’s taking us North Americans to task for our heavy dependence on slave labour overseas to keep our consumer goods prices low so we can fill our dumpsters with last year’s trinkets? What can we do?

If we really want to say something useful, maybe we should echo Dave Ramsay and encourage folks to pay off their debts as much as they are able – especially high-interest credit card debt. This is more apt to stabilize the economy and forestall disaster than grumbling about the government. The economy of a country is a huge structure of interdependent blocks in delicate balance. We could all stand to be more charitable toward those who are working to keep our respective economies from toppling. Blameable though they may be at times, our governments often have reasons that we little folks don’t understand.

Seems this would be a great time for Christians to settle into, and talk about, “the peace of God which passeth all understanding.” (Phil 4:7.) The time to discuss Psalm 121, II Chronicles 17:9; Psalm 46:1-3; Hab 3:17-18. To tell folks that whatever happens to the economy, Christians have been through trying times before; with His help we’ll make it through again.

So there’s my take on the subject. Thanks for your patience. (And tomorrow morning I’ll try to resist checking my e-mails first thing. ☺)

Our weather forecast says frost for tonight, so I’d better go smell those flowers, then pull them up. Sniff, sniff…sniffle…


3 thoughts on “State Secret: The Sky Is Falling!

  1. It’s not only the fact that they conceal stuff from the citizens but they lie excessively. Not much of what they say anymore can be trusted: Benghazi, IRS Scandal, and NSA leaks to state a few that happened in the past year. Peoples lives are at stake, if their not prepared with medications, food, etc, and the collapse arrives, what is going to happen to those people who were not ready?

    And I agree with the fact that people need to pay off their debt, that’s a must, that, in turn, could aid to some extent in the economy, however, with the amount of money the government is in debt, there is no fix, except eventually collapse, sadly.


    • Well, I have to agree with you. There is going to be no national fix any more than there was in the 1930s. Everyone kept hoping, but no one could fix it. It will take divine intervention, if not for our nations as a whole, then at least for those who put their trust in God. And God does care for His people. It’s amazing what can happen when people humble themselves.


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