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Hello everyone!

I see the number of followers have been increasing so I want to say Welcome to you all and thank you for following my blog. You’re welcome to offer your comments on what I’ve written (I reserve the right to edit, though. 🙂 )

Life has been hectic this past week. In addition to working Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at the Villa I’ve been sitting in this chair staring at the computer screen a lot. I have been working on my website, choosing a theme, a header, etc. And now it’s live. Check it out and tell me what you think:

Also I’ve been exchanging a steady stream of e-mails with my cousins concerning the Vance family genealogy and sharing memories of our dear grandmother, Emily Turner who married our grandfather Allen Vance, then was widowed and later married a Wes Jackman. At this point she lived in BC and I was young, so my only contact with her during those years was her yearly visits. But cousin Linda knew her and is sharing her memories.

Now we have set up a blog to share our memories, calling it Vance-Turner Connect. I’ve been involved in working out the kinks the last couple of days. We want to preserve some of these stories and memories for our own descendants. If you’re related and interested in reading what we’ve posted, let me know.

One day I googled “Vance Family” and skimmed through pages of post titles to see if there was anything pertaining to our ancestors who settled in Oxford County, Ontario. About P 6 or so my search came to a screeching halt when I read that “Uncle Jim Vance was mean as a snake.” (Jim Vance being my brother’s name.) I read on further and saw the name Asa Harmon. Oh, no! Now here are my mother’s kin, too.

When I saw the names Hatfield and McCoy I HAD to read this. (For those of you who don’t know, the Hatfields & McCoys had a famous feud going in the 1880s.) You can read the post yourself if you want – – but I see that Anderson Hatfield’s grandmother was a Vance and so was his mother, so this was his Uncle Jim. And this Uncle Jim shot Asa Harmon, a cousin on the McCoy side. (None of whom are related to me unless you go back centuries.)

Like most stories that get stretched with the telling – and even more so when Hollywood starts remaking it – the Hatfield-McCoy feud was blown way out of proportion, according to this writer. This story reminds me a lot of the “Black Donnelly” tragedy in Ontario. A lot of rumors, lies, suspicions, accusations, a few hotheads get fired up, there’s murder and mayhem – then when all the dust finally settles the initial problem wasn’t half as bad as everyone thought. (Unless someone decides to make of mini-series out of it.)

The trees in our woods are mostly green dappled with yellow; we’ve had 1 ½” of rain recently to brighten things up. A couple of frosts have finished off the delicate plants and most of the grasshoppers. I see Moufette is still around, foraging through the flowerbeds late at night, finding what he can. He’s really fat, must be about ready to hibernate. (Hope he picks some spot a mile away.) The cranes and geese are still around, too, so we hear a constant racket outside. I will really miss that!

Are the rest of you are having an enjoyable fall — or spring, if you happen to be on the other side of the world?


One thought on “Family Tree, Family Feud, Family Blog

  1. We’re having a great time with our new blog on VanceTurnerConnect. It is great to dig into the memories of our extended family and share the stories. I will go through the old photos I have and put up the pictures that are of interest, and the balance I will make sure are marked with identification so someone after me doesn’t have to wonder who these people are.


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