Winter For Sure!

Winter has arrived in our parts in full regalia. Sailing ships of snow clouds arrived yesterday afternoon and have already worn out their welcome. 🙂

We took a short trip this weekend, left Saturday morning and travelled to the south part of the province, then east on the #1 Highway almost to the MB border, where we visited Bob’s cousin south of Moosomin. Sunday morning we drove southeast just into Manitoba and attended church in Sinclair.

We left for home again just after 4pm. En route we got a call from our children saying “It’s snowing here.” Thankfully we made most of the trip without seeing a flake of snow, but when we did encounter it from Kenaston and west, the road was slushy and we had to reduce our speed more and more as we travelled toward Outlook. The north-south highway from Outlook to home was really bad and we had to stop a few places for complete white-outs. If this were March, we’d definitely say it came in like a lion!

So our world is totally white this morning; the city of Saskatoon got a lot of snow and many plans for the day have been cancelled because of icy roads, including our scheduled His Imprint writers meeting.

My cats are not happy. They keep wanting me to open the door so they can look out and see if that awful white stuff has gone away yet. Alas! It’s -6º C (21 Fº) right now and temperatures are expected to stay several degrees below freezing all week. I saw a flock of geese winging southward this morning. They maybe think they stayed too long in these parts.

A rather interesting scene came to mind soon after I got up this morning. This likely came to me because we had a Sunday School lesson involving Jonah and the “great fish” yesterday and I’d be glad if you’d share your thoughts on what I’ve posted.

I thought of Jonah being tossed into the sea (see Jonah Chapter 1) and I noted that he left behind his suitcase. He went into the water with nothing but the clothes on his back; any earthly possessions he may have brought with him from home stayed behind and sailed away with the ship. When he met God in the whale’s belly, he had nothing to contribute to the situation. Or maybe you’d say the only thing he brought along was his unwillingness?

Our congregation is going to have revival meetings soon and we hope to meet the Lord in a cleansing, refining, way. So will I come “empty” to be filled by the Lord or try to bring my baggage? Or maybe hang onto my home-made life preservers? Things like past experiences, accomplishments, noble intentions, acts of charity, etc.

This picture of Jonah going into the sea impressed me that all these other things have to stay behind on the ship when I come into God’s presence seeking restoration. (He is well able to sort them out and take care of them.) I can sing, “I surrender all…” but have I really? Revival meets are a great time for a spiritual reality check.

I’m hoping to touch base soon with my account manager at Friesen Press. I sent my finished manuscript a month ago and haven’t heard a word from them since – so I can tell you all when it will be ready. Maybe it has gone into a l-o-n-g queue? Better get at my next one!


5 thoughts on “Winter For Sure!

  1. Big Sunny Hello from Arizona Usa!
    I’ve been visiting your blog for awhile now, and I’m a big fan 🙂 We just relocated from Oregon to Arizona, and I miss OR already!. BUT……I do have to confess I have been LOVIN the beautiful sunny, warm weather here. (NOT rubbing it in or anything…LOL.) I do miss the fall colors and the TREE’S in Oregon. Had to move here for a year for my hubby’s job. He is going to Meat Cutters School/Training for Safeway Stores. Then we plan on moving back to Oregon next summer 🙂
    I really enjoy you blog posts! Hugs & Blessings, Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂


    • Thanks very much for the Likes and Follow. Have fun down there! I’m a contrary sort; I can hardly take the heat, especially now with my blood condition. My inner thermostat doesn’t regulate me anymore, so if it’s warm I’m sweating. If it’s hot I’m non-functional.
      Thanks for visiting; I’m slow to reply these days, deeply involved in my Nano novel. But hey, I got a robbery, a kidnapping, and a haunting done already. 🙂


  2. HI Christine. First off, I LOVE your cover photo and what you have done with your blog. You have been busy or playing or just having fun. 🙂 We have not had any snow as of yet. Snow has been coming down in different areas around us so eventually I am sure we will get our share. I don’t mind a bit of snow. I did grow up in Quebec and Ontario so have seen my share. Enjoy the snow and stay warm. I think of you often and pray you are doing well. hugs, Renee


    • Thanks, glad you like my new look. I’m quite pleased with it myself. I played with the fonts last night and think my new “Headings” font is better, too.
      I’m doing well, though get tired easily. I try to stay where it’s cool and I’ve learned that I function a lot better if I only eat a little at meals. Otherwise I get so short of breath about 20 minutes afterward.


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