Where Did Love Begin?

We were in a store last week when I heard a Christmas song being played, and I caught the words, “Love was born at Christmas.”

Of course this set me to thinking of Divine Love. Actually, love first appeared on earth when God reached down and formed man; love was present when He breathed into Adam the breath of life. Love and concern were present when God took Adam’s rib and shaped a wife for him.

Love existed between God and his people when He walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day. He loved them even when they broke His very first and only law. I believe there was love as well as pain in His voice when He called, ‘’Where art thou, Adam?” And God’s love covered their nakedness, promising at the same time a Redeemer.

When Cain slew His brother Abel, God’s love was heard in His asking, “Where is thy brother?” He punished Cain, but when Cain was afraid someone else would avenge Abel’s death, God in His love “put a mark on Cain” so that no one would slay him.

The Bible is a book written on multiple levels. It’s a history, the only accurate story of mankind, giving also the beginnings of a people blessed by God. It’s an allegory; the Great Conflict, the story of sin and its effects in this world. It’s a romance novel where the Hero tries to woo and win His beloved. In spite of many rejections He persists, finally laying down His life for her.

It’s a blueprint; it lays out God’s plan of redemption as it unfolds through the centuries. It’s an instruction booklet, showing us how to be happy and live at peace with our fellow man, if we will only put into practice what we read.

The Bible is a book of promises, giving us many examples of God’s care for His own, His interventions in political circles on behalf of His children. This culminates in the promise of life everlasting in Heaven with Him when the troubles of this life are done.

Love was born at Christmas in this sense: Love personified came into the world in a human form. Jesus came to explain the love that has always existed in Heaven, to exemplify it, and also to pay the price of love. He came to be the sacrifice that would restore Man’s connection with his Creator – a connection that started when God lovingly breathed into man the breath of life and he became a living soul.

Divine Love has always been here with us. We just couldn’t see it quite so clearly, couldn’t reach out and touch it, until Jesus came.

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!


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