Sunlight and Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust

Hoar frost jewels
tumble from the trees,
generous glitters bestowed
on us as we explore our
Father’s treasure house–
a poor man’s mine.


An important note to readers of this blog:
Some time ago I subscribed to the blog ‘Customize’ option, which has allowed me the color and font variety you see. I am about to renew this option–or even upgrade–but before I decide I have one question to ask you.

For awhile now WordPress has been telling me they are putting an ad at the bottom of my posts. I can’t see it, nor have I seen any ads on other blogs I’ve been reading. I’d really like to know if you can see this ad and if you find it offensive.


4 thoughts on “Sunlight and Diamond Dust

  1. Do you use an AdBlocker? If so, you won’t see ads on yours or anyone else’s blog. Also, if you are logged in to WordPress, those ads are usually hidden from sight. It is the individuals that are not signed in/don’t have an account that will see the ads. I pay for the no ad upgrade because as a Christian, how could I share Scripture and have whatever icky ad on my site at the same time. People who do not use WordPress are not going to know the ad policy here. Most of my visitors are those who come from searches.


    • No, I never have, and only once did anyone complain about an undesirable ad on my site. but you’re right; I don’t want to have Christian content next to an ad for Molson’s Canadian beer.
      Part of my problem is that I have four blogs right now and i don’t want to upgrade the whole lot.


  2. Hi Christine, I have a WordPress account too, but didn’t sign it and saw no ads. However, it is set up to “show all” so I never did get to the bottom of your page because it kept loading posts! When I had a blog on WordPress, I put a limit on the number of posts it could show. I know nothing about blocking ads. I’m using blogspot, and they don’t put any on unless you sign up for them.
    However, your page looks great!
    (Elsie Montgomery)


    • Thanks Elsie. The way you get to stop the post overload is to click on the title of one particular post; then only that one shows. But I should follow your example and limit the number showing. You would have seen the ad when you left your comment, though.


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