Wonderful Land of Raining Minutes


One of the Dec 26th daily challenges at The Write Practice was to imagine it was raining unicorns. Children would be delighted, but I couldn’t get all that enthused about that as I have little interest in unicorns, also I fear they’d trample my garden. Especially in the course of falling from heaven. So I altered it to something much more appealing to me.

What if it rained minutes from heaven?

Can you imagine the delight if one day it would shower extra minutes – or even if every day it would rain ten minutes’ worth of extra time? How we’d all race out to grab up the extra minutes we need to finish our various projects! I’d be out there scooping them up into every available container. Wouldn’t you?

We all complain about the lack of time. If it rained minutes even once a week, would we be able to gather enough to lengthen our lives by a few days or even a few years? And then would we fill these minutes productively? Would you and I get the things done we think we’d get done “IF I only had a few extra minutes”? Maybe I’d get a few more books read – or written!

Would we be selfish with the newly gained minutes? If I went out with a huge basket – and I assure you I would! – and later discovered that an invalid had been unable to even gather an extra hour, would I share?  Would I give up the precious minutes I’d gleaned to help another, or would I hoard each one for my own use?

What if it rained minutes? If you’re like me you’d rather see them trickling down from the sky than trickling away into that huge drain we call YESTERDAY, like they do now.

You may gather as you read this that I have a major problem with time management – and you’re right. I haven’t yet learned to put into practice the words of that old hymn, “Give every passing minute something to keep in store. Work for the night is coming when man works no more.”

It may be wise to begin with the question, “Would more minutes help – or am I just fooling myself?”

What about you? How many more minutes would you like to have every week to improve your life or vocation?



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