God Had the Last Word

Back in the 60s a radio station in British Columbia was offering a discussion period where listeners were invited to phone in and give their views of the subject at hand.

One day the question open for discussion was “Is God Dead?”

Folks began calling to give their opinions, pro or con. Of course the lively discussion was replete with 60’s philosophical musings and callers were getting quite worked up about the issue. It had gone on for almost an hour when suddenly lightening struck the transmitter and the station was knocked off the air for the next twelve hours.

Now, did that “just happen” or did God get tired of the foolish debate and decide to put an end to it?

When they were finally back on the air again someone phoned in and all he said was, “Galatians 6:7″

Those who took the time to look it up found the familiar verse: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked.”


6 thoughts on “God Had the Last Word

    • Yes, miracles happen all the time. It’s a miracle when we’re at the end of our rope and flailing about, not knowing what to do next, and a simple answer pops into our heads–something we’d never considered–and it works.
      Thanks for leaving a comment.


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