Cold Enough Here!

We all had a chuckle in church this morning as Jay Bullock, a visiting brother from Avera, (near Augusta) Georgia, got up with some opening thoughts to our service. He said that as he’d gotten off the plane and stepped outside the coolness of the air felt very refreshing–for a few seconds until he felt the real bite behind it.

I checked the local weather condition at 7am this morning: It was -34 C in the city with a wind chill factor of -51. In Georgia that would translate to -28 F with a bitter wind that feels just like -60. Somewhat colder than those folks are used to feeling. Neither the garage door opener or the command start want to work at this temp.

The temperature is supposed to inch up to -31 (-28 F) today. That should thaw our noses. On the way home from church my husband was wishing some of that “global warming” would waft down again. We’ve concluded that God is having the last word regarding this latest theory of man; ever since folks got all fired up about global warming the weather has been very –no, extremely– uncooperative in proving it valid. We’ve hit some record lows and seen some record floods in the past ten years.

Brother Jay came to pay his last respects at the funeral of our brother Dave Fehr tomorrow. Dave passed away suddenly of a heart attack Tuesday, just a few hours before the new year chimes rang. They’d returned from a trip and he had gone outside to shovel some snow from in front of the garage so he could put their van inside, but then collapsed on the doorstep, which is where his wife found him a few minutes later.

There’s to be a family service (mainly a sharing of memories) tonight at the church, then a funeral tomorrow afternoon at a large church in Warman. The family is expecting a huge crowd, as Dave was married and widowed twice before, had twelve children –eleven surviving him– numerous grands & great-grands and other relatives. He farmed in the Warman area most of his life.

The suddenness of his death has hit us all, some like us who are in his age bracket feel it more. He was 77 and in reasonably good health; the doctor told him a few weeks ago that his heart was very good. Now, without warning , it stopped. This shows us the need to be prepared. He didn’t join the rest of us in welcoming in the new year, rather he has been welcomed Home.

Here’s a little verse to encourage everyone. Do what you can today to make the world brighter; tomorrow may never come.

No regretting! Save your fretting,
no sense wasting yet more time.
Try today to live the right way;
leave a trail of blessings behind.

Don’t say “Tomorrow, no more sorrow
I’ll be cheerful and benign.”
Walk today that friendly way.
What joys along the path you’ll find!



5 thoughts on “Cold Enough Here!

    • VERY thankful. I’d like to snuggle under a blanket, but we must venture forth to the supper shortly and then the meeting this evening –and hope the car will start after. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping in. Keep warm, yourselves.


  1. After being with mum all week and seeing some of the other folks in the home, I think going fast, if you are ready to meet God, is a better way than dwindling away with your mind and body betraying you. Hard for those left behind, but we have hope beyond this.


    • I totally agree. Almost everyone I’ve met wants to die healthy — no nursing homes, no hospitals, dementia, diapers, tube feedings. “Just let me go in my sleep, Lord. Don’t even wake me up.”
      I’m like everyone else: if I could, I would deny my loved ones the privilege of caring for me when my mind is gone.
      On the other hand, my dad died a long slow death of cancer (brain tumor) and it gave him the time to think about the hereafter, make serious choices. I don’t regret that part.


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