Water Is Life

Here’s an interesting article from fellow blogger Renee, the “Positive Boomer.”


Eight glasses a day, folks.  After all,
wouldn’t you rather look like a plum than a prune?


5 thoughts on “Water Is Life

  1. HI Christine. Thanks so much for this post. It made me smile big! I hope you are well and not to cold in your part of the world. Thanks goodness we don’t get all that cold I am seeing on the news. Take good care. Renee ♥


    • You’re welcome. Need to pass on this good advice.

      Too cold? Renee, it’s only -34 C. How could we say that was too cold? 🙂
      Seriously, the wind was pretty harsh on Sunday. Today was better with the temp “soaring” to -18. Bob and I got a little chilly this morning, though, after I got the car stuck in the driveway and had to dig/push/rock it out. Yesterday’s wind had solidly packed a good bit of snow in so I couldn’t see the track anymore.

      Funeral for our friend Dave this afternoon and they actually had an interment at the cemetery, cold or not. (Mainly family went.)


      • That is cold!! I don’t miss those days. We have 10 Celsius here today and no snow anywhere. I hope Spring will be soon. lol Take good care and stay warm.

        Oh gosh it would of been cold attending that funeral, sorry to hear of your loss.


      • Good news: it feels much more like spring today. Only -4 C this afternoon.

        Actually it would have been chilly for the family who went to the graveside on Monday, but Sunday was much worse; in addition to the -30 the wind that day was bitter. We were all thankful it didn’t continue Monday.


      • Oh that wind can sure make it colder. We broke records here yesterday as it was 10 C. Wow hey! It is heading that way again today. It was quite nice out when I left for my Run. I am looking forward to Spring, as I am sure you are too.


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