Yesterday was ‘Different’

These past two days have been unusual ones for us here. Yesterday morning we on the road to Saskatoon shortly after 6 am, as I was to be at the St. Paul’s Hospital Admitting by 7:15 am for a tympanoplasty.

I had tubes put in my ear drums twenty-some years ago, back in Ontario, so I wouldn’t suffer so much from fluid buildup and ear infections. The tubes remained in place for years until one by one they fell out, leaving little holes. The left eardrum was patched about eight years ago, now my ENT specialist deemed it wise to patch the right one as well. He planned to snip a bit of skin from the back of my ear and tack it over the hole.

As we were headed toward Delisle a snowy owl flew across the road ahead of the car. In the dim light it gives one a start to see this big white thing go flapping across your path!

We were just in time to meet morning shift workers en route to the potash mine, too. Between Delisle and Saskatoon there are two big potash mines; if you happen to pass by at the right time you get to see just how man people work at them. Between 6:30, when we got to the second mine’s turn-off, and 6:45 we passed a solid stream of headlights coming our way, for several miles.

Bob dropped me off at the hospital and had lots of time to do his shopping and whatever else, as my surgery was scheduled for 10:15 and didn’t happen until 10:45 am. Since it involved a general anesthetic I was out for several hours, waking a few times just enough to let the folks in Recovery know I would make it yet.

I did get up around 2pm and had a very belated breakfast. By 3pm the nurse said the doctor would be around to see me and then I could go, so I called Bob. He got there before 3:30 and we waited…and waited…and waited.

By 5 pm the nurses decided to page the doctor, just in case he forgot—and learned that he was at home already. The nurses explained that he’d had an emergency to deal with in the afternoon; after that he did forget all about me and just went home. So he told them that, yes, I could go home, too.

The doctor had packed some padding into my outer ear canal to hold the patch in place and I had to stop and pick up pain medication, so we had some supper as well. By the time we’d left the hospital I was feeling a headache-earache-jaw ache combo that made me think he’d sliced about 1/3 off the side of my head – all because of one little patch of skin. Had good reason to think of the apostle Paul’s words about when one member of the body suffers, all the members suffer with it!

While I was safe in the hospital the north wind was growing stronger, so by the time we got on our westward way home it was a force to be reckoned with–especially where the highway went up in the air over the train tracks. There we really felt the wind give us a sideways push! Even though there was no fresh snow, the wind was blasting what snow there was across our path in white-outs wherever there were open fields beside us.

The wind apparently broke previous records Saskatoon, with gusts up to 115 kmph (or 69 mph.) It blew out a big office window downtown and blowing over a cell phone tower, among other things. But the temperature was warmer, thankfully, only 7.5̊  C. (45.5̊ F)

When we crossed the railway tracks just west of our little corner of the world, an owl flew up. I thought maybe it was the snowy owl again, but Bob said it was too grey. Must have been the Grand Duke himself. (Great-horned owl.) As we drove in the yard we saw some white stuff rippling in the wind and realized it was weatherproofing plastic that had blown off our garage and caught on the caragana bushes. (We need to put proper siding on our garage one of these days.)

In the evening I checked out my 49 new e-mails and generally puttered. Got a phone call from the forgetful-but-apologetic doctor. Then I slept awhile, went to bed after midnight, then got up at 3am this morning and started the laundry. (Overdose of sleep yesterday, I guess.) At 4am it was only -2̊ C and the cats were wanting to be outdoors—for about ten minutes or so each time.

This morning I was doing some more online genealogical research and learned that three of my great-grandfather’s brothers married Margarets. Can you imagine what family gatherings that would give? I noticed in the marriage records that a John Vance married a Mary Smith. I sure hope that wasn’t Gr-Grampa’s oldest brother, seeing as Gr-Grandma was a Mary Smith, too. No wonder family tree roots are so hard to untangle!

I’ve been thinking about my blog(s) for a long time and wondering how to sort out all the things I like to write. “According to the experts,” a blog should have one principal topic and this one has so many! That’s why I started the blog for poetry and a separate one for haiku. My cousin has the Family Tree research taken care of in Vance-Turner Connect. Maybe I should start one just for fiction stories and writing tips, too?

I’ve been contemplating doing one letter a week just for personal news, for the folks that know us and our church group here – and could do this on another blog rather than posting it all here. What do you think?

As you know I’ve been posting a royal mix—writing tips, fiction, devotional articles, personal stories, poetry—on here, but perhaps some readers don’t care for that at all? Do you enjoy, or dislike, this mixture? I’d appreciate hearing your opinions on what would make my blogs more appealing to you as readers.

And by the way, a BIG WELCOME to all my new readers. Hope you will find some of these articles inspiring and thought-provoking.


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