Can it really be Friday again?

Just when you think you've finally got it all together....

Just when you think you’ve got it all together….

There seems to be something that keeps eating my weeks!
On Saturday I got a phone call about our Christian writers group; Tammy, a fellow committee member, said that nothing has been planned yet for the upcoming conference — in April! Now we have to scramble too find a place to hold it, a date, a theme, and a caterer. And she’s just recovering from a flu virus-pneumonia combo. And now her aunt just passed away. Life has hit her fairly hard lately.

Deaf though I am since my operation last week, I’ve spend a fair bit of time on the phone to various churches in the city finding a venue and checking back with Tammy.  Success came yesterday afternoon; I was able to locate a church with an in-house caterer–and we can afford the rates. Now we’ve deciding on a theme and a menu, then Tammy has to put together posters & brochures and I’ll do the e-mailing to let the world know.

Into every life some crises must fall. But what is it that eats my time every other week?

Twenty-some years ago I got into family tree research, but I was getting nowhere. I met a Mrs. Jean Stevens at Woodstock, Ontario, with a pile of info about her family, the James Armstrong Vance line, but couldn’t connect us.

Around that time my husband noticed a writeup in the London, ON, newspaper about an Aggie, Mrs. Frank Vance from Lambton County, ON, that turned 100 years old and was remarkable fit, mentally and physically. She wore glasses, but could read regular print. She walked with a cane, but was fairly spry. We visited her and I asked about her husband’s family; her nephew came and we talked about it, but couldn’t make any connection.

Mrs. Vance was so mentally fit that the second time we visited her she remembered us and even our name. (Which, granted, is a bit noteworthy.) Her nephew mentioned that there was a Vance family in Michigan, one of whom became a well-known judge–and he was sure they were related somehow because this judge looked just like their uncle so-and-so. Then we dropped it, because none of us knew much.

In August of 1990 I received a letter from an Annie B; she was asking, since I was doing Vance family research, if I could tell her anything more about her grandfather’s family, and she sent me two sheets with the James A Vance (her grandfather’s) line written out.  I saved the letter all these years — don’t know why. Tuesday, in preparation for my trip to the library I was going through my info again and came across her letter.  Knowing what I know now, I could easily see where her grandfather fits into our tree; he was my great-grandpa’s nephew.

I was at the Library Wednesday night doing research and I finally tied the rest of of this together. Two of my great-grandfather’s brothers moved to Michigan; one settled near Lapeer; one at another place I haven’t heard of. And Annie B’s great-grandfather who moved to Lambton County would have been the grandfather (or father) of Frank Vance. Now can I ever find her again to tell her how we connect?

(If you have roots that go back to a Robert (Lapeer, MI), David (Iosco, MI) or William Vance (?, MI) or the Vances at Lambton County ON, please do get in touch!)

Now you know what I’ve been doing instead of blogging. 🙂 But I hope to get back into the swing of things again. I see a few new folks have decided to follow my blog. Welcome! I’m glad for all of you who take time to read my ramblings and especially to those who offer a comment now and then.

There are times when I think I have no reason to spend my time writing; it’s all self-promotion; who cares. If you are a writer, maybe you have those times, too? If you do, I wish you courage to continue. And for myself, I trust that every now and then I post something that touches a chord and says something somebody needs to hear. Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?


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