Into the Ears, Out the Mouth

Years back a young Minister enjoyed making the rounds of his parish whenever it suited him.  Being a bachelor, he never gave much thought–or perhaps his subconscious was thinking– as to the time of day or household routines of his parishioners. Consequently he was very apt to arrive for a visit not long before mealtime.

One day he knocked on the door of this one home and was invited to sit in the parlor until the man of the house finished up a few chores.  While he sat there waiting, one of the couple’s small sons came in.

The Minister smiled and held out his hand for the boy to shake. “Hello, my lad. And how are you today?”

After a shy “Hello” the boy asked him, “Sir, can you tell me what’s a miracle?”

The Minister tried to his best to explain in terms the child could understand.  Then he asked, “Why are you wondering about miracles?”

“Because when you got here Mom said to Dad, “Here comes the Minister and it will be a miracle if he doesn’t stay for supper.”

As wise old Grandmas used to say: “Little pitchers have big ears.”


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