“You’re Very Analytical”

Years ago a friend told me one day, “You’re very analytical.”

I can’t deny it. I see and hear things and my mind goes into deep contemplation mode, considering the various angles. Here’s just one example:

As I was mingling among the multitudes at the mall one day a passing T-shirt caught my eye.  In bold black and white it declared, “Compromise is for Losers.”

No doubt the young man wearing the T-shirt thought he was making an “I’m tough. I bend to no one” statement.  My wheels began to turn.

Losers of what? Here are some things you lose if you are the compromising type:

Your “My way or the highway” arrogance?
Your “If you don’t agree with me you are so wrong” stubbornness?
Your “My mind is made up; don’t confuse me with the facts” prejudice?
The chance of having your children walk out and never speak to you again.
The chance of witnessing first hand the proceedings of divorce court. (Probably several times over.)

Then I thought of the opposite: what are you apt to gain? Someone who’s humble, peaceable, conciliatory — “easy to be entreated” the Bible says, is easy to love, to respect, to work with, to live with.

You gain more peace in your home, lower blood pressure, smiles from your family. And like begets like: you’ll find the people around you become more willing to compromise as well.

Truth and faith you dare not compromise but someone should point out to this young man that some things are better lost.

Wise cracks and one-liners abound these days, but I implore you:  never say anything with your mouth or on your T-shirt that you don’t mean with your heart.

(First posted Sept 6, 2012)



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