The Gracious Way to Get There


Does the grouch get richer quicker than the friendly sort of man?
Can the grumbler labor better than the cheerful fellow can?
Is the mean and churlish neighbor any cleverer than the one
who shouts a glad “Good morning,” and then smiling passes on?

Just stop and think about it.  Have you ever known or seen
a mean man who succeeded just because he was so mean?
When you find a grouch with honors and with money in his pouch,
you can bet he didn’t win them just because he was a grouch.

Oh, you’ll not be any poorer if you smile along your way,
and your lot will not be harder for the kindly things you say.
Don’t imagine you are wasting time for others that you spend;
You can rise to wealth and glory and still pause to be a friend.

written by Edgar Guest

From the book A Heap O’ Livin’
© 1916 by The Reilly & Britton Co.


2 thoughts on “The Gracious Way to Get There

  1. Glad you put this up for all to enjoy; plenty to think about in your story. Pardon my ego, but this story reminded me of something I wrote a couple of years ago, that I strongly believe in… “I believe there are 2 things available to everyone during their life that can’t be overdosed on: God and laughter. And, God makes the laughter come from the heart.”


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