Walk Beside Me Awhile

Take A Few Minutes to Listen

In the course of bustling around the hospital ward, Nurse Edith came past the room of an elderly lady who’d been in the hospital for a short time, recovering from surgery. The old dear was starting to shuffle around again; now she was standing in the doorway and called to Edith as she went past. With a cheerful smile Edith stopped to see if the lady needed anything.

“Isn’t there a television room at the end of the hall?” the old lady asked. “Would you help me to go there?”

“Sure I will. But it will be such a long walk for you, dear. Let me find a wheelchair and I’ll zip you down there in no time.” Edith looked around for a chair.

“Oh, you needn’t do that. The walk will do me good. Just take my arm and I’ll manage if we take it slowly.”

So Nurse Edith took the woman’s arm and accompanied her down the hallway; the old dear visiting with her the whole time. When they entered the lounge Nurse Edith led her toward a recliner. “Here’s a nice comfy chair for you, dear. I’ll turn the television on if you like. Would you like a pillow and blanket?”

“Oh, I don’t plan to stay here. I’m not interested in watching TV really, but I’ve so much been wishing for someone to talk to. I’ve observed you tending to other patients and you seem like such a kind, friendly person I thought you would oblige me. But you can take me back to my room now.”

What could Edith say? Her heart went out to this poor woman recovering from a bad bout and just wanting someone to talk to. With a sweet smile she took the old lady’s arm again and they went back down the same hall, chatting all the way.

Have you lent a listening ear to anyone today? If so, I hope the Lord will give you a blessing for it.


6 thoughts on “Walk Beside Me Awhile

  1. Reblogged this on Stein's Station and commented:
    I know several people like that. The parent of one of my students calls the school just about every day to talk to me…supposedly about how to handle her son, but it turns into ‘what happened on her soaps’, ‘what the neighbor said yesterday,’…anything really. She’s just lonely, and raising a challenging child with absolutely no support system.


    • And she’s not even elderly! And can you imagine how many folks like this a Crisis Hotline deals with? We knew a lady who, for years, would say, “I feel like I should kill myself” when all she needed was a little attention.

      Some folks like to talk because they need someone to complain to, but it never hurts to listen awhile — as long as you remember there are two sides to every story. Some folks just want to feel someone cares. It’s good if you can direct a person like that to some support system that can go the distance with her.

      Thanks for the Reblog!


      • You’re exactly right. There aren’t nearly enough support groups around, especially in the small town I live in. So sometimes, it’s just my listening ear…but it’s better than nothing.


      • Well, blessings on your listening ear. 🙂

        I visited one day with a veterinarian’s wife — not at all a shy person or a loner — and she told me something I’ve pondered ever since. She was a busy mother with school children, socially active in the small community where we lived. Yet she told me that she felt like she had no one she could really talk to. It made me realize there are really a lot of lonely people who need a friend.

        Then just imagine how we writers feel! 🙂


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