Taking A Break

Hello Friends,

I’ve been putting off this day, but now I must take a month or two away from blogging so I can take care of some other things like the books I’ve been working on, spring cleaning, and my sewing projects.

I’m also considering my health. I was feeling a bit better last fall, but can tell my CLL* is worse again. I’ve been told it will fluctuate like this and I’d like to get some things taken care of in case it does get worse faster than the doctors predicted.

I want to thank you all for those encouraging LIKES — special thanks to those who are following this blog. It should give me added impetus to get things done quickly if I can get back to blogging again when I’ve caught up with my other projects. ☺

I will do an occasional short post to let you know how things are going — and I hope you will all have a lovely, cheery springtime. I appreciate your friendship, concern, and prayers.


*chronic lymphocitic leukemia


10 thoughts on “Taking A Break

    • Thank you. Had a blood test yesterday and the results weren’t cheering. I can tell that my memory and concentration have been poorer this past month — can’t carry the extra “weight” of my To Do list anymore. 🙂


  1. We’re praying for you too…and definitely hoping a little break will give you the rest you need…often think of you and wish we could sit down together over a cup of coffee and a puzzle…: ) Love you, Lydia


    • Yea & Amen about that puzzle.:) When I work at the Villa I try to sit down there and work at one–usually there is one on the go. But with our newest couple living downstairs and Bertha not interested in puzzles, it’s a lonely occupation. Maybe you folks should move in. 🙂


    • Hi Renee. No, my health isn’t any worse. Thanks for asking. No I haven’t been getting lots of rest, either. Tomorrow I’ll have to tell you all about my interrupted sleep. But the writers’ conference is behind us now so our writers’ group, including Bob and I, can relax on that score.


      • HI Christine, so happy for you that your health has not gotten worse. Power of prayer. Yes, I will have to read about your ‘interrupted sleep’. Have a beautiful day. hugs, Renee 🙂


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