My Summer Reading List

In this post I’m going to compliment two other writers for their fiction, their stories put together with such skill and style.

Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark have joined forces, together with their sleuths Reagan Reilly and Alvirah Meehan, to solve a number of cases and rescue targeted victims from the clutches of unscrupulous people. Although these books are classed as crime fiction, so yes, there are crimes in each book, the stories are far more “human interest” with a dash of humor thrown in.

Their books seem “middle class family setting”, not sordid, steamy, or sinister. These are crimes that could happen to anyone, such as a forged will and a lost child, cases Alvirah solves in the book All Through the Night. Or the phoney investments scam carried out by one smooth talker in The Christmas Thief.

Both sleuths have a number of prior cases, but Deck the Halls is the first book where Alvirah and Reagan join forces. They must rescue Reagan’s business-owner father and his chauffeur from kidnappers asking an outrageous ransom. I have to marvel at the plotting skill of these two writers as a number of characters bring clues which fit together like pieces of a jigsaw that finally points to the whereabouts of the victims, who have been left to drown on a leaky houseboat.

In the second of this series, The Christmas Thief, a scammer who preyed on the rich and on one lottery winner in particular — a friend of Alvirah Meehan. After his release from prison, with the help of two bumbling cohorts and a starry-eyed poet, he searches for the takings he’s stashed in a unique place. He plans to cut down the tree he hid his loot in before he went to prison; to his dismay, someone else has claimed this particular tree and is about to haul it away. Just finished this story — a good mix of funny and suspenseful.

I take my hat off to these ladies for skillful writing and realistic story lines and look forward to reading more of their works this summer.



3 thoughts on “My Summer Reading List

    • I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
      I just read “Silent Night” by M H Clark. Seven-year-old Brian follows a young woman who has picked up his mother’s wallet. He wants the medal that wallet contains, to give it to his father. But he gets a lot more adventure than he ever imagined — as hostage of an escaped killer.
      DON’T read this one anywhere near bedtime!


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