Of Daily Prompts and A Wedding Gown

Some thoughts on the repetitious Word Press Daily Prompts

This morning I read Linda’s post and decided to mull the matter over on my own writing blog. I do agree with Linda: the promise of “A new prompt every day” isn’t being fulfilled. I wonder if they made this commitment before they started the project and the “carrying out” has proved unworkable? Or they feel blogger participation doesn’t warrant continuing? When so many million people blog, the daily prompts only attracted 50 or so.

Mrs AngloSwiss says she asked Ben H about why are there no new prompts. “He answered me and said there are no intentions of putting up new prompts. It seems that the veteran posters, like me, are now few and far between.”

Now, Word Press does give us the option of another prompt — in fact you can keep on clicking to see half a dozen options. I’ve checked them out and they’re all ones I’ve seen before, too. But if I choose one of these alternatives, then I’m doing a different prompt from everyone else that day. Then why not write about a different topic altogether, one that means something to me?

Perhaps the folks at WP see prompts as a kind of training wheels: once you’ve done them all you should know how to blog and can do your own thing. And actually, when I go back and try to click on the responses posted a couple of years ago, I find a lot of sites have been deleted. Easy to start; hard to stay the course.

Whatever the reason, like yourself, I’m a bit disappointed even if I haven’t been able to do the prompt every day. Just for the fun of it, I’ve started writing my own inspirations: “Writing prompts for Readers and Writers.” Maybe someday when I get enough I’ll post them. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten enthused about doing short stories — as have other bloggers. Here’s a 100-word story I wrote yesterday. Please critique!

I have a happy ending in mind for this sad scene — but that’s another 100 words.


With a heavy heart Jasmin pulled open the bridal salon door and stepped inside.

The salesgirl hurried over to her. “Miss Turanich! Glad you’ve come in. We were wondering if, in all the rush, you were forgetting your dress still needs to be fitted. We don’t want to leave the alterations too long.”

Jasmin sighed. “Hardly. But there’s been another alteration…” She dabbed the corner of one eye with a soggy tissue as she watched the clerk’s face fill with dismay.

“I was hoping, since my wedding gown hasn’t been altered yet… if I could still…um… get a refund?”


6 thoughts on “Of Daily Prompts and A Wedding Gown

    • Thank you. It would be interesting to know which way you’d go with this one. Feel free to copy if you want to give it a shot. 🙂
      I was thinking of having a mother and son come into the store to inform the clerk about impending plans for her second marriage — or a change of plans for her daughter. Who maybe just left town with Jasmin’s former fiance. (Let’s add a dash of intrigue.)
      This could give Jasmin a chance to meet someone new and sympathetic. Maybe she can use that wedding gown after all. 🙂

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      • Well, let’s see. Obvious things first: Mr. Fiance died in a car crash; or was shot in a driveby shooting because it turns out he was heavily into dealing drugs; or he confessed he was in love with another woman. Or a man. Or that he was really a woman stuck in a man’s body. OR maybe Jasmin decided she didn’t love him after all; or just got a diagnosis that makes it impossible for her to consider marriage; or her old high school boyfriend showed up and she can’t get him off her mind; or her parents told her they can’t afford the wedding; or she realizes she’s a man stuck in a female body, in which case it seems to me that they could figure something out, if he’s really a woman 😛


      • Yes, I imagine they could figure something out in that last case. 🙂 As to the others, a person could write six novels…or maybe they’ve already been done. But who cares? As the NaNoWriMo people say, “The world always needs another novel.”

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  1. There are alternate prompt sites out there. Maybe you could throw out your ideas into the bloggesphere and see what happens. I love the short fiction pieces I read from other bloggers. Love this one–stands on its own, even if you never finish the piece.

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