Sci-Fi Adventure?

The writing prompt at The Write Practice a few days ago asked us to choose a plot and do a short science-fiction story. I’ve never done sci-fi and don’t plan to do any in future, but an interesting idea popped into my mind. So I thought…okay…let’s see where this goes. As you are about to learn, humor tends to infiltrate any genre in my stories.

The planet Wondancia, five light years from our planet, is inhabited by beings designed much like earthlings. But being so much more advanced in medical science, they’ve discovered how to restructure shoulders and armpits so as to accommodate an extra limb on each side. So at birth each baby on the planet Wondancia is fitted with an extra pair of arms. Needless to say, this comes in very handy.

A century ago these creatures invented powerful telescopes and began searching the various solar systems for signs of life. They took note of a particular blue-and-green ball with a surrounding atmosphere and wondered if it might be a planet hospitable to life. They named it Kantazandy, which to them means “blue seas and green hills.”

After some time they developed such powerful telescopes that they could actually see creatures moving around on Kantazandy. They took note of the fact that Kantazandians, though almost identical to them in shape and size, had only two arms each. What a handicap!

After much discussion, they concluded that every one of the people of Kantazandy would probably be so grateful for an extra pair of arms. So they prepared a space ship with their most advanced medical men to visit this planet. It was not only a fact-finding mission, but as mission of mercy as well.

Their ship landed on the Riviera in 2019, and the aliens disembarked. News of their arrival thrilled the whole planet! They learned that the inhabitants called this beautiful planet La Terre, or Earth in another language. What a dull name for a beautiful planet like Kantazandy! No accounting for some people’s taste.

And when the Wondancians understood that the Kantazandians were about to celebrate the year 2020, they thought it an opportune time to offer this new gift. Human beings — as the Kantazandians called themselves — were all thrilled at the prospect that each of them could be fitted for a new pair of arms. After all, everyone was wishing for a second pair of hands, weren’t they?

Alas! The humans soon realized that all their fancy wardrobes, including fashion designer gowns and jackets that cost them the earth, would now be useless and would have to be tossed. So the humans drove the Wondancians back into their spaceship and forced them to leave the planet.

“Ungrateful wretches,” the Wondancians muttered as they roared off into space. So much for foreign aid.


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