Submitting this little tale with special thanks to our kind Friday Fictioneers host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this week’s prompt.


There. I’ve Photo-Shopped dear Uncle Elbert out of this crazy prank. Shame to lose that smug grin of his, but my folks insisted.

Imagine Elbert besmirching the family name by taking up robbing banks! And Grandpa’s bank first of all, adding insult to injury. Dad says when Elbert’s career was terminated one fateful day, Grandpa refused to attend the funeral.

So I’ve successfully deleted Elbert from the family photos, but you know what must have Grandpa turning over in his grave? At family gatherings the great-grands mention him being a successful banker. But they talk about Uncle Elbert for hours.


23 thoughts on “Notoriety

    • Thank you. I’ve actually been mulling over some story about someone wiping the “black sheep” out of family pics. This photo lent itself really well to that thought and the ending fell in place this morning. Given our human nature and all… 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.


    • Yes, I think so. And it’s like reading novels: we like to immerse ourselves in daring deeds rather than same-old stuff.
      And your second line holds an interesting thought. Maybe if Grandpa had lightened up some, Uncle Elbert might not have fallen so far into the ditch on the other side? There’s some spite in robbing your own father’s bank, eh?


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