A Muse’s Tale


Yesterday was a sad day for Christine’s muse. Christine had grabbed her, shaken her, and screamed, “This is it! Spring is coming, my last-summer wardrobe is toast — and you keep filling my head with crazy blog posts. Out you go!”

To add insult to injury, some trash flung out of a passing car smacked her in the face, there in bushes where she’d been tossed.

Copyright Liz Young

Photo copyright Liz Young

Yet she smiled. “Just wait, my friend. I’ll rise again. You’ll see another prompt, I’ll be whispering ideas in your ear, and you’ll abandon your sewing machine for your keyboard. You’re so predictable. That’s why I love to haunt you.”

And she’s back already! Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has been her accomplice, via the Friday Fictioneers prompt. My muse thanks you, Rochelle, for faithfully feeding her bright ideas. (I’m hoping putting my icon first will have it show up on the link. Oh, for tech smarts!)

The word count on this one is 105, but I’ve no time to search and destroy excess words. I’m finally in the mood to sew a spring dress and it’s GOING to happen.


41 thoughts on “A Muse’s Tale

  1. Dear Christine,

    Your muse says to get over it, your mind belongs to Friday Fictioneers. Bwahahahahah! 😉 5 words over is hardly noticeable. It’s when FF’rs go 30 or more over that I get a tad crabby. Good piece. Nicely crafted.



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  2. This is brilliant! Love it, Christine!
    If you save your icon as a jpeg on your desktop, you can always retrieve it there… and then upload it on each blog post.


    • Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked this tale — I must give all credit to my muse, though. This is her way of fighting back.

      As to jpegs and such, I do have my icon saved as a picture, and posted on my blog, but it didn’t help.
      I did get the icon on the InLinkz screen, replacing the photo of the doll, but the phone kept saying “Icon unacceptable. Image too large or wrong URL, etc, etc.” And my technical ability is somewhere around “See Spot run.”

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    • Thank you. I now have her shut up in my sewing closet, embalmed in all the fabrics I still need to sew. Nya-ha-ha. 🙂
      Since I was diagnosed with leukemia, and last year while I was taking chemo-therapy, so many little jobs piled up that I had no energy to cope with. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m eager to get at some of these things.

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    • Ah, yes, they do. I was going to sew this morning, but then I read a snippet…the behavior of a child…and it started a chain of thought…that led to another story…but no sewing. (Poverty dictates I sew all my own dresses; that’s the issue here.) 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Using my cell phone I left a comment on your blog — I am the mysterious Swallow — but want to try again to “cross over.” We are given the option of leaving a comment from Word Press, but when I’ve done that, not only does the comment disappear, but I have to log in again to my WP blogs. I don’t know if others experience this, but it’s enough of a pain I just don’t bother — works better from the phone and as Swallow in the Wind.


    • So do you sew, or mostly mend with it? I sew all my own dresses. As I said to Keith, “Poverty dictates” For $50 each someone else would. Someday my writing will maybe make some money and I’ll leave this task to others, but I’m also a bad one for starting quilt-making projects.

      Also, everything sat for the past two years while I dealt with leukemia and chemo-therapy. So glad that’s behind me and energy is coming back. Now to quit blogging and go make use of it. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


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