Better Weather on the Way

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

Photo copyright: Sarah Potter

Many thanks to our gracious host and purple aficionado, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for giving us our weekly prompt here at Friday Fictioneers and to Sarah Potter for supplying the photo prompt. My initial response was zilch, having locked my muse in my sewing closet last weekend. However, she won’t stay there when a challenge like this presents itself. Today she popped up to remind me of dear old Whiny…Winnie.

Another vacation trial for the peevish Winnie and her long-suffering traveling companion, Raylene. To read the first part of their Florida adventure, click here.


Winnie was staring out the window when Raylene looked up from the TV screen. “Are you happy now,” she asked. “That nice manager gave us a room with a better view.”

Winnie scowled at her. “But it’s still snowing in Florida, of all things. How will we manage Disney World tomorrow in this mess?”

Raylene hit the power switch. “I have good news for you, dear. The weatherman says there’s a hurricane barreling toward the Florida coast as we speak. Should hit here tomorrow about noon. That’ll wash away all this snow.”

Winnie eyed the outdoor scene. “Well. Thanks be!”


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

—Winnie in Florida hoping for sun 🙂 —


31 thoughts on “Better Weather on the Way

  1. Poor Winnie… does she not realise that a hurricane is way worse than a little snow? Raylene,, bless her for her patience!
    (BTW… methinks Disneyland is in California whilst Disney World is in Florida – maybe that’s where they should have gone!)


  2. Dear Christine,

    Oh that muse! You just can’t keep her locked up and I’m sure she just tangled your sewing thread.
    Winnie just might find out the truth in “Be careful what you wish for.” Good one. 😀




    • Oh, my muse, indeed. On Monday she presented me with a whole new line of stories and has been weaving them through the holes in my brain ever since.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure Winnie will enjoy grumbling about the disastrous hurricane weather, too. She’s not entirely fictitious; I worked with a lady like this once — always happiest when she had a juicy tale of hurt or woe to relate.

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    • Ha! Glad she’s inspired you. 🙂

      As I said to Rochelle, I worked with a Winnie once. When she heard we were to have a severe winter, took great delight in telling every customer that came in the store, “I’ve heard it’s supposed to start snowing next week (end of October) and keep on snowing right up until the end of March.” I had to laugh. Such an optimist.

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  3. I have to wonder if Raylene is being sarcastic with her “good news” comment, knowing full well that a.) hurricanes aren’t better and b.) Winnie wouldn’t cheer up even if male supermodels offered to hand feed her chocolate.


    • Thanks for your comment, Rommy. Yes, of course she’s being a bit sarcastic. She’s also trying to cheer Winnie up, in a perverse way, as we sometimes do with people who are grumbling. Or at least get her mind off the present weather for a bit.

      And Winnie is of the old school; male supermodels—hmph! Such a scandalous lifestyle!—would probably get a tongue-lashing from her. Now, if it were widow Abner who lives beside the town garage… Nice, decent man. Why, if Abner were to come calling, her poor old heart would flutter. 🙂


    • I hope so, too. But Winnie is Winnie. You take her as she comes — along with a lot of other people in this ole world. “Raylene” seems to have learned to work around the sharp edges when she can — kind of like Edith Bunker dealing with Archie. 🙂

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  4. Life gets extra difficult when we start suffering what will happen before it’s actually happen. The present demands so much, that waiting to worry about the future kind of make sense… for a while at least, until the hurricane presents itself.


  5. Winnie sure does fuss a lot about the weather. HA HA
    This is a fun dialog. These 2 are a comedy show that need to be on the road to comedy clubs.
    Hope the hurricane doesn’t wipe out the hotel. It’s a lot worse then snow.
    Bless their hearts …
    Isadora 😎


    • Glad you liked them. 🙂 Actually I’ve been composing the next scene to post shortly. I don’t know why, but these two have somehow grown on me.
      They’ll soon hit Disney World and you’ll hear more of Winnie’s ideas on wasteful extravagance. 🙂 As my husband once said, “She can find the dark cloud behind every silver lining.”

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      • I’m looking forward to read more. They bring a smile to my face as I read. Perhaps, because I live in Florida among many seniors with this type of attitude. : ) I’ve written a few senior tales under my tab – Ponderings from Mabel. Have a wonderful weekend. : )


      • Thanks for letting me know that. I’ll take a peek. I spent awhile yesterday on Pixabay looking for a good Florida hurricane photo to go with my next post and there aren’t very many. Winnie would say you folks should advertise your state more. 😉

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