A Wheel Windfall


PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Update on Mishap at Diameter Park:

The installer insists fault lies with the manufacturer. The thickness of the wheel must be greater on one side and they weren’t alerted to this flaw.

The manufacturer blames the mishap on installation. Their spokesman is adamant the steel was uniform in thickness and the wheel totally balanced when shipped.

The parents are suing the plaintiffs for $3 million compensation for trauma and minor abrasions suffered when the wheel toppled as their child leaned against it. Says the father, “Our lawyer suggested a million each for us and our son, and a million for him. We’re going with that.”

Judge’s decision is pending.

I wrote this one Thursday, but my husband’s minor surgery Friday and my minor throat infection waylaid my good intentions to post it on time. However, seeing others are still posting their stories, I’ll take courage and offer my bit of fiction, too.

With profuse thanks to  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers and special thanks to Jennifer Pendergast who offered, and holds the copyright for, this image. I’m sure she never intended this pleasant scene to result in a law suit — but I took one look at it and just couldn’t resist. 🙂



18 thoughts on “A Wheel Windfall

  1. Thanks for your comment & good wishes. Bob had cataract surgery and has bounced back quite rapidly. I woke up Sat with what’s probably an infected saliva gland on one side, like a one-side mumps, which pains me at present. Fortunately I had a scheduled visit with an ENT Dr tomorrow morning, so he can check it out.


    • I had the scheduled visit with the ENT specialist this morning about my ears and he quickly checked my neck and pronounced my problem as a sore jaw muscle. I couldn’t quite swallow that diagnosis! Since I can’t swallow anything or even move my tongue without pain on that side, whereas moving my jaw doesn’t cause discomfort. And how does one wake up in the morning with a strained muscle on one side of the jaw? His treatment: heat & physio. Bye. 😦

      I went for a second opinion at a Walk-In: the Clinic doctor says it’s an infected salivary gland and gave me antibiotic. I told him about my leukemia & having chemo last year, so he sent me for a blood test as well, to see if my white cell count is staying where it should. The process took several extra hours, but I think he’s given me the more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

      Thanks for your good wishes. I picked up another interesting photo from Pixabay last night and wrote a short tale about that to post soon — and Rochelle will have another photo prompt tomorrow. This gets addictive. 😉


      • Holy moly!! Thank goodness you did get a second opinion. Seriously what the hell could you have done while sleeping to strain one side (unless you got busy without your knowing it! 😆)
        I’m very glad the second doctor dug deeper.
        FF is indeed addictive! I love it…

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      • Well, I think he suggested I might have been grinding my teeth in mys sleep — but it would be a first for me. I’ve never had a problem this bad before — though I had a few similar but minor glandular infections last year. Same symptoms. Which is why I didn’t accept the first answer. I’ve learned you’ve got to look out for your own health because doctors can be quick to pop off a diagnosis. And this one’s usually “in and out.” Being thorough hasn’t been his forte.

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  2. So much cash for shock, that is a horror story🙂. I had chemo myself just over two years back for lymphoma, so I do hope that you are feeling better.


    • Well, my most often repeated “American Lawsuits story” is where a fellow bought a new motor home and crashed it soon after while driving down the freeway. He left the wheel and went to the back to get himself a cup of coffee and of course the driver-less vehicle went astray.

      So he sued the company for $10 million because the manual didn’t explicitly say the driver must remain at the wheel while the vehicle is in motion. And he won his case. Since I read that news item I’ll believe anything. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. What type of lymphoma did/do you have? Mine is CLL. No cure, they say, but the treatment should keep the malignant lymphocytes under control for a few years. Here’s hoping.


    • The one that amused us the most was where the fellow went into hospital to have his stomach stapled so he could lose weight. while there, he wandered into the staff lunchroom, opened the fridge, and ate his fill plus. Burst all his staples — then sued the doctor & hospital because there was no lock on the fridge door. VVVV

      Thanks for your comment. I’m feeling better as is no constant soreness, but so dragged out.


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