Harbour Secrets

With thanks to our gentle and diplomatic Friday Fictioneers host Rochelle Wisoff–Fields, and to Fatima Fakier Deria for this week’s photo prompt. It was HARD but I actually told the tale in 100 words.

My computer is for some reason uncooperative, but at Rochelle’s blog you can click on the “Frog” and read the stories other bloggers have posted in response to this photo.

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

“I wonder how many ships down there are running drugs?”

Andy turned to the senior manager standing by the window. “What makes you…. Oh, hey. I’m sorry, Marv.”

Marv nodded and turned to go, icy anger replacing his usual grin. Exiting the office he suddenly slammed his fist into the door-frame.

The junior clerk looked up, shocked.

“Last week police found Marv’s grandson and fiancee dead in his apartment,” Andy explained. “That new street drug…the one cops are warning about…”

The clerk swore softly. A few minutes later he headed for the toilet…and flushed six white tablets.


26 thoughts on “Harbour Secrets

    • Thank you. I was satisfied with it when I was done.

      I wish this story was totally fiction, but we had an incident like this in a nearby community. The couple, both age 24, sent their two pre-schoolers to Grandma’s for a sleepover, and when she brought them back the next morning, their car was there but no one answered the door. Police were called and found them both dead in the house. Devastating!


    • I made him a smart one. 🙂 People react in different ways to the news that their habit has killed someone else. A lot just shrug and say, “Their bad luck.”

      One nurse, a smoker, cared for cancer patients and often said, “Deliver me from lung cancer!” She understood the danger, kept on smoking, and finally died of lung cancer. Addiction is cruel.

      Thanks for your comments, Dale.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Let’s hope he’s seen the light. I’ve read a list of ingredients street drugs “may be cut with” and it is indeed amazing that people will risk it. How many will laugh and say, “Hey, I’m too tough to die.”
      Thanks for your comment.


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