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I’ll Pass (Out) on the Turkey

Turkey TLC: A Recipe for Disaster Perhaps you’ve heard about this thanksgiving turkey fiasco? I read this account in a little magazine called New England Scene almost twenty years ago; it was among a collection of humorous Thanksgiving mishap memories. … Continue reading

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“Pan Cake”

This is a story Mom F told me about when she and Allen were still school-age. Grandma must have been away house-keeping when Allen (my Dad V) got this craving to eat cake. But first he had to bake one. … Continue reading

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Perfectionist Survives Carrot Stick Disaster

Her son was getting married in two weeks and she wanted her home spick and span for the occasion.  She knew her mother-in-law was a meticulous housekeeper so when her husband’s family came to their home to celebrate with them … Continue reading

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What Is So Rare As A Steak Done ‘Blue’?

André Gauvreau was in his 50s and on disability pension because of heart trouble and diabetes when we met him, so he had lots of time and he loved to visit.  Through the years he’d worked at various cooking jobs … Continue reading

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RULE #1:  Find A Warm Place Years ago I used to bake my own bread, four loaves at a time.  I’d mix my dough in this large stainless steel bowl and set it to rise in a warm place as … Continue reading

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Twenty-odd years back, a penpal from Australia sent me a little clipping from their newspaper.  As I recall, it went something like this: A woman whose name we won’t mention stopped for a break recently, bought a chocolate bar and … Continue reading

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CAUTION: Optimist in Kitchen

September Agenda, Page 3 3.  I am a perfectionist (in some things.) The upside of this is that I’m very careful about things like writing.  I sometimes edit an article twenty times before I’m satisfied that it’s well polished and … Continue reading

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Auntie Ding-Dong

Francis Gay, editor of The Friendship Book, recalls a neighbour woman whose name was Mrs. Dingle–the children called her “Auntie Ding-dong”. She used to bake bread, put it in a basket, and take it to needy neighbours. Auntie Ding-dong was … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Diet Saved Many a Cook

When western Canada was being settled young brides and single women were coming from England, cities in the East and Ontario to marry and/or join a husband on his homestead.  But they often found themselves at a loss with regard … Continue reading

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Feasting, Fasting, and Fast Feasting

Years back a young Minister would make the rounds of his parish at random.  Being a bachelor himself, he never gave much thought (or perhaps his subconscious was thinking) to the time or  household routines.  Consequently he’d show up at … Continue reading

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