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Taking A Break

Hello Friends, I’ve been putting off this day, but now I must take a month or two away from blogging so I can take care of some other things like the books I’ve been working on, spring cleaning, and my … Continue reading

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Kids and Chores

Originally posted on Photo's, Hodgepodge and Miscellany:
According to researchers, our children are more dependent and needy than any previous generation of Americans. They are developing attitudes of entitlement and expectation, rather than habits of self-reliance and independence. As…

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The “Drowning” Rainbow

One day a young boy was playing on the sidewalk in front of his house when he spied something intriguing. He dashed into the house, calling, “Mom, Mom. Come quick!” Mother turned from her work. “What’s the matter, Todd?” “I … Continue reading

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Clear A Forest One Tree at a Time

One Dollar Per Member Per Month When the mission work of our church began to spread in Haiti and small congregations became established, It was decided that each member should give a tithe of $1 per month toward the expenses … Continue reading

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Washday on the Homestead

According to the Laws of Feminine Paradigms, Monday was Wash day long before the prairies filled up with settlers. Homestead wives brought this tradition from their far-off motherlands and planted it into the cultural soil of Western Canada. As Saskatchewan … Continue reading

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Boarding the Teacher

Originally posted on Vance Turner Connect:
Spy Hill School, Bavelaw School District SKLeft to Right: Gladys Vance, Pearl Riddall, Wayne Riddall, Steve VancePhoto: E. Whitney collection How Grandma Met Grandpa Our Grandmother, Emily Priscilla Turner was hired to teach at…

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Memory Lane: Lily Bulb Rescue

It must have been about this time of year, some four years back, when the local Walmart store received a shipment of bulbs. They were wanting to get ahead of the spring rush, I suppose. These bulbs were packed in … Continue reading

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Appreciaton: Love’s Life Blood

When we lived in a small town in Ontario, I got together quite often with an elderly widow who lived down the block. I know that she missed her husband very much; they’d had such a happy home. She often … Continue reading

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Wise Advice For Parents Of Teens

One wise counsel given to parents these days is to keep the lines of communication open with your children and teens. In this encouraging post fellow blogger Lori tells us how they work at communication, and try to teach respect … Continue reading

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“You’re Very Analytical”

Years ago a friend told me one day, “You’re very analytical.” I can’t deny it. I see and hear things and my mind goes into deep contemplation mode, considering the various angles. Here’s just one example: As I was mingling … Continue reading

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