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Feathers, Scales, and Quotes

Heavenly Sunshine! A clear blue morning is a joy to behold, especially here on the prairies where our sky is so “right up there.”  Some parts of Sask. are tabletop-flat but this area has some ripples to it, so our … Continue reading

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Hello, World–Here I Am! It takes two people to make a child, or a family; in my case they were Allen Vance and Louise Harmon.  Wilfred Allen was born to Allen & Emily (Turner) Vance.  Grandma came out West to … Continue reading

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Welcome to My World

The Big 5-0 According to this little box on the right, I now have 50 followers.  Fifty people–plus four e-mail followers–who want to hear my thoughts and read about my life’s experiences.  Wow! This morning I want to say a … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th–and good news

Heat?  A Stove?  Whatever For? A little story to give you a chuckle:  This comes from the days when stoves were being installed to heat the churches in Scotland.  Of course this bit of creature-comfort or “catering to the flesh” … Continue reading

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Journal Pages: Easter Sunday & Monday

We enjoyed our Sunday morning service; a visiting brother shared a dream he had, one that illustrated to him how our debt has been pardoned.  Jesus paid it all; His sacrifice atoned for all our sins.  This dream was very … Continue reading

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Pages from My Journal: Last Monday to Thursday

Trips to Town, Trumpeter Swans, Geese, Germs, Grandchildren Monday I joined the other Christian writers in Saskatoon for our usual monthly meeting.  We went over last minute details for the One-Day Writers Conference on April 28th.  The time is rapidly … Continue reading

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Who Will Love Me When I’m Dying?

“Joan?” the nurse called from the waiting room doorway. “Is Joan here?” We all glance up to see a woman of about forty get up from her seat and follow the nurse. She looked healthy enough now. What kind did … Continue reading

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Quick Cure for a HUFF

Back when I was working in a doughnut shop, one of the new workers was proving to be a pain.  Her general attitude seemed to be “Why?” or “Do we have to…?”  I’d been working there a lot longer and … Continue reading

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A Cat and Her Mouse — But Not at 4 am!

Things Wild in Our Little Corner of the World Being nature lovers, we really enjoy living on the open prairie.  The scenes are so peaceful and pleasant; the wildlife abundant.  We’re tickled to see the various waterfowl as they build … Continue reading

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