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Want to Change Your Life?

Someone involved in handing out Christian literature received permission from the owner to put a tract rack in a small store. A few moments later he looked back and saw one of the employees pull out one of the tracts … Continue reading

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Just a Little Word

Author Unknown Just a little word of kindness,   just a little word of love, just a little smile of tenderness,   all are blessings from above. Just a little thought of comfort,   just a token that you care, … Continue reading

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Deadlines Frazzle; Germs Razzle

Nice to have an hour or so of blogging time again!  The past ten days have been quite hectic for me with several deadlines to meet and a gastro-enteritis bug flattening me right off. A week ago Sunday I cooked … Continue reading

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A Lesson On Forgiveness

In addition to battling a debilitating disease, blogger Bill also has to fight the same evils and temptations the rest of us do.  And he’s been winning!  I was inspired, encouraged, challenged – shamed even – as I read about … Continue reading

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A Chance to Reconsider

“Come on, Maggie MacGuire, I’ll walk along with you awhile and carry that.  It’s a pretty hefty load for a granny like yourself to haul around.”  Donald picked up the sack she’d rested against a sign post. “I’d be right … Continue reading

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The Snake, the Frog — And Me to Spoil the Lunch

I was reading an interesting storybook, so it took awhile for the little scream to catch my attention.  But it persisted, shrill enough, insistent enough, that I finally heard it. Slowly I came back to this land, this day, this … Continue reading

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Our Father the ATM?

One morning as I knelt down to pray, my mind was occupied with all my shortcomings.  The cup was definitely half empty; I felt so needy, so deficient in the virtues a Christian wife and mother should possess. “Dear Heavenly … Continue reading

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There’s No Sense Screaming Over Spilled Milk

Cathy sat in the fast food restaurant trying not to eavesdrop as the mother at the next table scolded her daughter.  It was pretty hard; the small girl has just spilled her drink and the mother was berating her loudly.  … Continue reading

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